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High Speed Tuck In Selvage Air Jet Loom

Short Description:

The two sides of tuck-in selvage device for air jet loom, individual inverter, the plain|crank shedding,cam shedding,dobby shedding,jacquard loom,double beam air jet loom for your choice.

The Tail weft directly into th fabric edge to meet the end device requirements for the performance and style requirements of the special fabric.

Product Detail

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High Speed
New weft insertion,New frame structure and high speed CPU,ensure the running speed max.1200RPM

Low Energy Consumption
New weft insertion and main nozzle energy saving optimal design realize less air consumption.

Low Vibration
Using 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure,including the cross rail connection,and to realize Lightening design and optimum balance of the beating motion.These improvements ensure lower vibration with high speed operation

Flexibility and wide applicability
A full range of standard equipment and a variety of options can weave fabrics that were previously mostly woven by rapier looms,including wide home furnishing fabrics,stretch fabric,fabric of different yarn types and counts,airbags,seersucker and fabric with tuck in selvage.

Easy Operation and New Electronics
Relatively lower machine,Upper temple are both good for the operator;A new internet-ready color function panel with enhanced communication capability and a new,faster CPU.

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