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Staubli 1351 Cam Air Jet Loom

Short Description:

Staubli 1351 Cam Air Jet Loom

Adopting by beating-up device, new-type wallboard structure, high speed with CPU processing, the running speed can reach 1250RPM.Electronic take up and electronic let off.Using four rod or six rod beating-up mechanisms to ensure enough beating time for weaving ,so as to give excellent weaving performance for air jet loom.

Product Detail

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Production Description

The reasonable beam structure,to further optimize the beam structure,the change of warp tension sensing more sensitive. After the tension roller bracket installed on the outer side of the frame,which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

This series of looms have the advantages of high rigid frame structure and so on. It is suitable  for weaving high density and fine fabric.It also has the electronic control,which can effectively reduce the probability of weaving defects,such as stop gear,mechanical gear,broken warp,short weft and so on,and improve the weaving quality.

Main Feature

1.High Speed:New weft insertion,New frame structure and high speed CPU,ensure the running speed.

2.Low Energy Consumption:New weft insertion and main nozzle energy saving optimal design realize less air consumption.

3.Low Vibration:Using 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure,including the cross rail connection,and to realize Lightening design and optimum balance of the beating motion.

4.Flexibility and wide applicability:A full range of standard equipment and a variety of options can weave fabrics that were previously mostly woven by rapier looms,including wide home furnishing fabrics,stretch fabric,fabric of different yarn types and counts,airbags,seersucker and fabric with tuck in selvage.

5.Easy Operation and New Electronics:Relatively lower machine,Upper temple are both good for the operator;A new internet-ready color function panel with enhanced communication capability and a new,faster CPU.

Product detail shows

Bintian Cam Air Jet Loom -190cm 2nozzle with 7frame
High Speed Dobby Air Jet Machine-190cm 2nozzle
Staubli 2678 Dobby Air Jet Loom-190cm 4nozzle
280cm 2width Cam Air Jet Loom

Technical Specification

Item specification  Spare parts

Reed Width


    Norminal R/S:0-60CM(150-250cm),


Working Range   Short yarn.mel00-ne2.5 Filament:22dtex-1350dtex  
Weft Selection   1.2.4 or 6 color  




Start Mode

Start motor at high speed  
    Push-button start,stop,f/r slow move  
    Push-button switch handed  
  Power 2.8Kw,3.0Kw,3.8Kw,4.5Kw  



Weft Insertion

Method Main nozzle+swing nozzle+sub nozzle + abnormity lock Weft brake
  Control Import High-frequency solenoid valve,computer program control  
  supporting spray solenoid vavle Supporting spray solenoid valve integrated with flow cavity  
  Measuring weft storage Electric control loop separate weft storage Ballooning







Double side tank oil-bath type four-bar beating-up motion  
    Multi-sleysword solid beating-up warp and weft system  
    Multi supporting base,balance weight  



  Crank type flat shedding(heald frame 4 to 8);1/1 fabric  
    Down positive Cam shedding(heald frame 4 to 14);Plain,twill,satin,black out fabric  
    Dobby shedding(heald frame 16 max);Plain,twill,satin or complex design  
    Electronic Jacquard shedding:1344,2688 lifting hooks  


Let off

  Electric servo continuous let-off Double-warp


    Twin back beam  
    Positive or negative let off  
  flang Dia φ 8 0 0 m m 1000mm


Take up

Batching Method Mechanical continuous take-up Electric servo



  Batching Method Entrails batching(Max diar1000mm)  
  Temple Lower or upper  
Selvage   Leno yarn by planetary gears  
lubrication   For main driving parts:oil-bath type,centralized filling oil(grease)  



Weft breakage Reflecting double feeler device  
  Warp breakage Electric warp stop device  
  others Selvage,yarn end treatment, end-broken stop motion  


Screen display,multi-functional shutdown display lights  
Weft cutter   Mechanical cutter  



  High deficiency,large screen,vga color image display touch human-computer interface

Delivery shows

Our customers come from all over the world, the main markets are in India, Indonesia, etc.

Delivery shows (3)
Delivery shows (4)
Delivery shows (1)


What are your price?

Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1 set, but usually we sell by the full container.

What about machine quality guarantee period?

Frames 1 year guarantee, easy damaged parts 3 months guarantee, and also we will give away free accessories according to the order quantity.

What terms of payment are acceptable to you?

You can make the payment to our bank account,usually 30% deposit and 70% payment before delivery by T/T.

Where is your factory located? How can l visit there?

Our factory is located in Jiaozhou, Qingdao city. You can fly directly to Qingdao airport. We warmly welcome all customers at home and abroad to visit and guide!

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