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2800mm Six-nozzle electronic feeder 6 color jacquard air jet loom weaving machines

Short Description:

Jacquard loom
A variety of perfect configuration and adaptability,used for decorative cloth,dress fabrics,towel and all types of jacquard fabrics in weaving function,decoration,tourism and other fields

Reduction of air consumption
There is an electro-magnetic valve control for every two relay nozzles,which ensures precise and compact jetting as well as reduction of air consumption.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Description

Adopting eccentric rock shaft which brings better balance and stability function,lessening the intensive body shake to make the ground vibration of the machine reduce 38%.The DSP system features fast information processing and transmit,refraining from the single interference,guaranteeing super-performance at high speed running and energy-saving enhancement capability.
The upgraded comprehensive frame-guiding device,using double upper beams,has been installed with supporting plates to safeguard the heald frame in the front and back,reducing vibration ensuring stability and lessening the wear and tear of heald frames during high speed running.Our WA9200 jacquard weaving air jet machine with an increased speed of 22%,and a power saving 45%,triumphed to reduce huge electricity charge and purchase cost on air compressor equipment.

* Specification

Series No. Item Specification
1 Model 2800mm
2 Shedding Jacquard
3 Weft selection Electronic feeder6 colour
4 Solenoid valve From Japan
5 Heald frame Newlight
6 Let off Electronic let off
7 Take up Electronic take up
8 Power 5.4KW

* Parameter

Crank Active Cam


Dobby upper Positive dobby


Machine width(W) 1color-2color weft insertion R/S+2267 R/S+2536 R/S+2222 R/S+2665
4 color weft insertion R/S+2372 R/S+2686 R/S+2372 R/S+2815
6 color weft insertion R/S+3182 R/S+3496 R/S+3182 R/S+3625
Length(D) 1805 1845 1845 1845
Height(H) 1712 1712 2291 1712
Length(D1) 360 559   695

* Application

Electronic control take-up device
Solenoid valve

Electronic control take-up device:Weft density set by the screen typing.

The high performance solenoid valves and variety of sub-nozzle effectively control the consumption of compressed air.

* Picture


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