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High-Speed Air-Jet Weaving Machine Left-Right Dual Warp Beam And Upper&Down Dual Warp Beam Air Jet Looms 150-380cm

Short Description:

1)Meeting the requirement for open width and dual open width

2)It is easy for warp seizing
3)Dual servo warp control,intelligence,reliability
4)Suitable upper and lower dual warp beam for special varieties of special thick fabric, double-sided fabric.

Thanks to the strong frame structure,stable picking performance,efficient shedding movement and the well balanced beating mechanism. Our air jet weaving loom can give full play to its high speed which is substantially higher than ordinary weaving machines.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Description

Excellent Picking Performance
The machine adopts high propelling main nozzles,and setting auxiliary main nozzles as a standard configuration.It uses high speed response electromagnetic valves ensuring excellent picking performance,and reducing consumption of compressed air effectively.

Electro-Magnetic Valves With Stable Performance
High speed response Electro-Magnetic valves not only have a stable and reliable performance but also an exceedingly long operation life.

Six Rows Display Of Broken Warp
Six Rows display of broken warp enables one to quickly find the broken warps and hence increase weaving efficiency

Minimal Vibration
A frame structure with super rigidity ensures little vibration of the weaving machine even at high speeds.

* Specification

Name Specification option
Weaving width Norminal reed width cm 150,170,190,210,230,000,000,000,000,000,000
Range of yarns Spun:6~100tex; Filament:40~500dtex
Weft selection Double colors,four colors,six colors
Main drive Starting mode Rush-start motor,direct starting mode,button switch,slow motion via frequency conversion
Motor power 3kw 4kw 3.5kw
nozzle Main nozzle,sub nozzle,profile reed type tandem main nozzles Stretch nozzle
Weft insertion Weft insertion control Manifold integral solenoid valve Programmable electronic weft brakes
Sub nozzle for different color control
Max.weft insertion rate 2300r/min.
Measuring feeder Electric control coil separate type feeder Coil preventing mechanism
Beating 4 rods beating 230cm and below
6 rods beating 250cm and above
Equipped with multi-supporting rack and balancing weight
Shedding Shedding mode Active cam shedding(8pcs heald frames at most);electronic dobby shedding(16pcs heald frames at most);jacquard shedding Crank shedding
Let off Electronic let off ac servo;
Twin rear rod system;
Active easing motion
Flange diameter 800mm,914mm,1000mm,1100mm
Take up Take-up mode Electronic take-up,weft density changing style is available
Max roll diameter 600mm
Weft density 12-95picks/cm
Fabric length monitoring Man-machine interface display(m/yard),
Fixed-length stoppng function
Stopping device Weft yarn stopping Reflection type,double feelder
Warp yarn stopping Six rows electrical warp stopping device,displaying in six rows repectively
Others Leno yarn break stopping device,wasting yarn break stopping device
Electrical contro lsystem Main control Independent cpu control,special FPGA processing of key signals such as weft detector and weft insertion signals
Man-machine interface 10inch QVGA liquid crystal screen and high reliable touch screen,windows style design,man-machine interface friendly,user-friendly operation
Leno selvage Planet gear,left-right asymmetry type
Lubrication Oil-bath for main drive parts;
Central oil lubrication for others;

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