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Velvet machine

  • WT858V #9000 type velvet top grade double beam water jet loom

    WT858V #9000 type velvet top grade double beam water jet loom

    #9000 Velvet water jet loom be applied to velvet weaving which developed by WINTOP®.It is the first set of the water jet loom by velvet production in the world.Through customer’s usage,it is an ideal upgrading loom in weaving efficiency,speed,fabric quality,and intelligent operation.

    The velvet loom can weave double layer fabric which is required by fabric structure of velvet.There is a certain velvet height between the top and bottom layers and then cut it into two pieces of velvet fabric after cutting velvet machine.It adopts the intelligent velvet special water jet loom control system,which can realize the functions of electronic let off(ground warp,velvet warp control respectively)electornic control velvet formation,electronic shedding,electronic control pipe piece water jet weft insertion,etc.In the process of weaving,the tension can be kept stable,the velvet height weaving control is accurate,improving the efficiency of insertion and reducing the energy consumption.