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High Speed Electricity Saving X motor Permanent Magnet Direct Drive System Water Jet Loom|Power Loom|Polyester Fabic Weaving Loom|TPM Weaving Water Jet Loom

Short Description:

The X motor was developed as the replacement of the AC main motor system in the old type of looms.The X motor designed not just reduced the power consumption(15%-25%)in a stable output but also simplified the daily maintenance for the looms by added in several AI funcltion modules.

Power range 3.7-5.5kw


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* Description

Energy-saving Mechanism
At present,the average efficiency of AC asynchronous motors in the industry is about 80%.The high efficiency range is about 75%-100% of the rated load.Meanwhile,the efficiency of the latest WINTOP ®products motor X enjoys a much higher efficiency than the standard performance of all the other types of original motors in the industry,which reaches an astonishing 93%.The high efficiency range is 25%-125%of the rated load.
Motor X has been desinged to be easily connected to the main axle.The mechanism components like beeak disc,pulley and the belt can be saved to lower the cost and reduce the kinetic energy loss owing to its direct drive axle structure.As a result,the energy saving rate of the whole scheme reaches to 15%-25%compared to the original type of looms.

The SHT high temperature resistant magnet(up tp 150℃)was adopted in our motor X series in order to prevent the machine from the risk of degaussing.
The excellent sealing technology owned by us perfectly protect the weaving machine from the high humidity enviroment.

Energy Saving
The energy saving rate of the motor X is 15%-25%,which is equivalent to saving about $500usd per year and $48000 per 1000 water jet looms.It also makes it possible to have more equipment working at the same time under the same rated transformer.

Reducing Machinery Cost
Compared with the traditional AC asynchronous motor,the direct drive system saves the component cost of the motor,brake dics,belt and pulley,and has its own frequency conversion function,which is equivalent to and additionally saves the cost of installing frequency conversion.

Saving Labor Cost
The speed of the water jet looms can be changed freely to achive the efficient switching between different varieties and continuously improving the speed.Saving human cost.

Slow inching function can efficiency reduce the wear of the looms and protect he operators at the same time.

Improving Fabric Quality
To ensure the quality of the products,certain kinds of fabric may require a fixed angle to start-stop.Motor X series allows the loom to achieve this goal by meeting this technological requirements automatically.Even those workers who lack skills and experience can effectively control fabric quality.Reducing the rate of rags and production cost.

Increasing Output
The speed of the water jet looms can be changed freely to achieve the efficient switching between different varieties and continuously improving the speed.Increasing the output for weaving factory.

* Specification

Type WT406 WT508 WT8200
Reed Space(CM) 135,150,170,190,210,230,260,280,300,320,340,350,360
Useful reed space(CM) Norminal R/S minus 2cm to 50cm
Frame Box frame type Driving section is in oil bath
Driving Brake Direct stop mechanism by an electromagnetic brake
Controller Push and touch button(Arrange,stop,forward,brake,reverse)
Motor Rush start motor
Motor power 1.5kw,1.8kw,2.2kw,2.7kw,3.2kw,3.7kw,4.5kw,5.4kw
Beating Crank beating
Let off system Automatic mechanical and continuous let-off;Or electronic let-off,One or vertical two roll
warp beam Φ800mm flange,Φ178mm barrel
Take up system Mechanical or electronic continuous take-up
Pick density Normal:5-60picks/cm;Special:4-100picks/cm
Cloth wind-up diameter Φ420mm,Φ520mm,Φ600mm
Shedding Plain shedding crank shedding(heald frame 2 to 8;1/1 fabric
Cam shedding Cam shedding(heald frame 2 to 14);Plain,twill,satin babric
Dobby shedding Positive/negative(heald frame 16 max.);Electronic and mechanical reading system;Plain,twill,sation or complex design
Jaquard 1408,2688,5120 lifting hooks;electronic jacquard device
Weft insertion Measuring and storage 300#RDP type mechanical measuring turbo blower(single nozzle)Or electronic weft feeder(1-6nozzles)
Pump M,L,H type, Single or Double
Plunger Ceramic plunger;Φ32/Φ17,Φ32/Φ18,Φ32/Φ20,Φ36/Φ22,Φ36/Φ24,Φ36/Φ26,Φ39/Φ26,Φ39/Φ28,Φ39/Φ30,Φ50/Φ35
Nozzle needle ST20/10;ST30/10;ST45/20,SD75/40
Weft filling 1/2/3/4/6 nozzle
Filling feeder Electronic,optical,and self-control
Selvage/Leno system Twisting by star,planetary gears
Electrical part Madeinchina/import Main control board,AC contactor,transformer,NC interface,Selvagebrake system,Waste yarn brake system,overheating and overload protection
Electronic meter count and display,rotational speed,total yield,team yield,total efficiency,team efficiency,cloth length auto control,stopping analysis and display
Other devices take up roller-one;weft density gear-one;Trashcan-one;nozzle needle-one set

* Foundation Layout


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