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Vertical or Horizontal Double Beam Water Jet Loom With 2-6 Colors Single Pump Double Nozzle ELO&ETU For Blackout Fabric

Short Description:

WINTOP® new type double beam water jet loom updated by our R&D,special enhancement of architecture design,configuration of electronic dobby and electronic let-off and take up system,leading double heavy fabric trend in the market.

Product Detail

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* Description

High Speed And High Efficiency
Double beam water jet machine used for textile enterprises to develop high value-added, double-sided fabric. This type of machine is for wider width with high speed and for weaving a wide range of fabrics and with higher efficiency. It is the enterprise to develop high-end fabric products (high-end single light fabric, Double sides low stretch yarn shade cloth, high-grade home textile cloth) of the ideal equipment.

Low Energy Consumption
It is suitable for weaving high density of hydrophobic fabrics,to improve the function of weaving,computer tension of up to 600kgs.Expanding the scope of weaving and reducing the cost,the fabric with high added value,the user can get very good benefits.

Low Vibration
Conforming to the situation of professional design,largely using interchangeable parts,standard-parts,combined with the professional system control technology,mechanical and electrical integration of the whole machine structure more coordination,convenient.Making the machine in the weaving of performance and reliability at the same time, the production cost greatly reduced.

* Main technical parameters

1)Reed -width:135cm,150cm,170cm,190cm, 210cm, 230cm, 260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm, 380cm, 420cm, 450cm
2)Max.Weft insertion rate:2280m.min
3)Speed:Max.1300RPM(working speed depend on fabric construction)
4)Heald frame plain at max.8pcs;cam at max.14pcs;GD50 dobby at max.16pcs
6)Weft Density:5-100pick/cm

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