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WT8200 Heavy Thick Fabric Weaving Water Jet Loom With One Integrated Frame Wall Solid Offset-Rocking Shaft U type Nozzle 2-6 Colors ELO&ETU

Short Description:

One integrate frame wall,allow higher pick density. High speed keeping the best fabric quality is attained at high level.

Product Detail

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Good Gigidity
WT8200 series high speed heavy water jet loom has the characteristics of good rigidity,stable weft insertion,strong beating-up force and high electrification level.It can be equipped with 4bars and 6 bars beating up.Adopting electronic let-off,double ceramic roller beam,eccentric beating-shaft can tighten the high density weft yarn,which solves the problem of beating in the process of weaving high density heavy fabrics;And also uses slow moving parking,super starting,and electronic compensation weaving.Effectively eliminates the starting mark;Realizes weft-changeable weaving and speed changeable weaving.

Low Energy Consumption
The computer optimized design achieves high speed and small load,reduces the power consumption of the loom, adopts a new u type nozzle,which saves 30% of water consumption,meets the requirements of energy saving at modern and future development..

Latest Generation
It can weave a variety of hydrophobic chemical fiber fabrics,cam weave medium thick and heavy weight high density fabrics,industrial fabrics which with plain,twill,satin,small patterns structure.Fabrics weight can be up to 600gsm.It is the latest generation of international water jet loom.

Highest Weft Density
For example 75D fabric,the highest weft density can be up to 82shuttle/cm(208per inch)

* Specification

Type WT406 WT508 WT8200
Reed Space(CM) 135,150,170,190,210,230,260,280,300,320,340,350,360
Useful reed space(CM) Norminal R/S minus 2cm to 50cm
Frame Box frame type Driving section is in oil bath
Driving Brake Direct stop mechanism by an electromagnetic brake
Controller Push and touch button(Arrange,stop,forward,brake,reverse)
Motor Rush start motor
Motor power 1.5kw,1.8kw,2.2kw,2.7kw,3.2kw,3.7kw,4.5kw,5.4kw
Beating Crank beating
Let off system Automatic mechanical and continuous let-off;Or electronic let-off,One or vertical two roll
warp beam Φ800mm flange,Φ178mm barrel
Take up system Mechanical or electronic continuous take-up
Pick density Normal:5-60picks/cm;Special:4-100picks/cm
Cloth wind-up diameter Φ420mm,Φ520mm,Φ600mm
Shedding Plain shedding crank shedding(heald frame 2 to 8;1/1 fabric
Cam shedding Cam shedding(heald frame 2 to 14);Plain,twill,satin babric
Dobby shedding Positive/negative(heald frame 16 max.);Electronic and mechanical reading system;Plain,twill,sation or complex design
Jaquard 1408,2688,5120 lifting hooks;electronic jacquard device
Weft insertion Measuring and storage 300#RDP type mechanical measuring turbo blower(single nozzle)Or electronic weft feeder(1-6nozzles)
Pump M,L,H type, Single or Double
Plunger Ceramic plunger;Φ32/Φ17,Φ32/Φ18,Φ32/Φ20,Φ36/Φ22,Φ36/Φ24,Φ36/Φ26,Φ39/Φ26,Φ39/Φ28,Φ39/Φ30,Φ50/Φ35
Nozzle needle ST20/10;ST30/10;ST45/20,SD75/40
Weft filling 1/2/3/4/6 nozzle
Filling feeder Electronic,optical,and self-control
Selvage/Leno system Twisting by star,planetary gears
Electrical part Madeinchina/import Main control board,AC contactor,transformer,NC interface,Selvagebrake system,Waste yarn brake system,overheating and overload protection
Electronic meter count and display,rotational speed,total yield,team yield,total efficiency,team efficiency,cloth length auto control,stopping analysis and display
Other devices take up roller-one;weft density gear-one;Trashcan-one;nozzle needle-one set

* Foundation Layout


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