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[Textile Machinery Joint Exhibition] Boost confidence, source power!

The 2022 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition & ITMA Asia, which will be held from November 20 to 24, 2022 at The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), will be the most professional, most powerful exhibition lineup and most extensive event of the textile machinery industry this year. In the face of the normal market situation under the epidemic situation, the textile industry needs firm guidance, efficient communication and comprehensive links more than ever before. To boost industry confidence, accelerate industrial upgrading, and expand the “circle of friends” of textile machinery trade, this joint exhibition of textile machinery comes at the right time.

In recent years, the textile machinery joint exhibition display equipment technology, the digitization, automation, intelligence, and high adaptability, energy conservation and emissions reduction and so on outstanding characteristics, the innovation is the textile industry in high speed, high efficiency, high quality and reduce the labor of the universal demand the immediate feedback, and this trend will continue in the coming years, And will present more landing, more diversified equipment technology solutions.

Post time: Jun-24-2022