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Our is a specialized manufacturer in textile weaving industry

WINTOP® company is a specialized manufacturer in textile weaving industry for high speed water jet loom and air jet loom.Especially in TFM can do 1000rpm more. The Tusdakoma and Toyota types air jet loom are all our highlight products.The newly designed weft insertion system features an EDP,sub-nozzles,E-reed ,and more,Further reductions in air pressure and air consumption have been achieved.Frame structure optimized to obtain lower vibration during high speed operation.
E-shed delivers speed and versatility that surpasses any electronic dobby and positive cam shedding motions. Etire weaving mills can be monitored from the function panel.etc.


WINTOP® company has advanced production line include the CNC,painting,electrophoresis,assembly line,etc. Also the specialized engineer for researching and testing new types looms.

WINTOP® company has after sales office India and Indonesia,the water jet loom and air jet loom served for global market include India,Indonesia,Turkey,Pakistan,Vietnam,Uzbekistan,Egypt,etc.
And there are demos showcase for potential customers reference.The aftersales good service are always accompanies with us.

WINTOP® company attend various kinds of exhibition expo in different markets,easy to know with each other by end consumers, the ITMA ASIA is our one of the most important textile expo,which bring us more business opportunities.

INDO INTERTEX in Indonesia is one of the famous Textile and Garment Machinery&Accessories exhibition,we showed our high speed air jet loom and water jet loom there and got the good feedback from end textile factories consumers.


WINTOP® company is paying more attention on innovation and technology,there are machine and fabric engineers devoting to researching and developing.Embracing technology is our main task in textile weaving industry.in 2022, our new type air jet loom will be meeting with our customers soon, it is satisfied with viscose and 100% cotton weaving in low cost and with high efficiency.

What we are doing and will do is working with business people from all over the world to create win-win situations while continuing to improve ourselves with a global view and the"Chinese Intelligence"

welcome to communicating with us in textile business and more excellent dealers joining us


Post time: Apr-20-2022