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New pattern new form of Shandong

The “double cycle” development pattern also deeply affects the development trend of the textile machine industry. Internally, the textile industry should shoulder its own social responsibilities and contribute to the development of China’s textile industry. Externally, the effective implementation of RCEP will help improve the cooperation level of the textile industry chain and supply chain in the region. In addition, the recovery of the industry after the gradual improvement of the epidemic abroad will continue to increase the demand for equipment, and the cooperation and exchanges between domestic and foreign textile enterprises and textile machine enterprises will open up a deeper and broader exploration.

In 2021, the operating revenue of enterprises above scale in Shandong’s modern light industry and textile industry will reach 1.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 17.6% of the province’s industries above scale. With a good industrial foundation and large scale, shandong is a pillar industry and an important industry for people’s livelihood, with high visibility and influence in China.

Post time: Jun-24-2022