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Focus of high-quality development: high-end, intelligent, green

On July 8th, The China Chemical Fiber Science and Technology Conference (Taihe New Material 2022) and the publicity and implementation of the Guiding Opinions on The High-quality Development of Chemical Fiber Industry was held in the fiber New Vision Live broadcast room.

On April 12 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “on the high quality of chemical fiber industry development guidance” (hereinafter referred to as the “guidelines”), chemical fiber industry may be defined as: is the core of the stable development of textile industry chain and continuous innovation, is the international competitive advantage industry, is also an important part of the new material industry.

As for the production of chemical fiber, the domestic water jet looms are becoming more and more advanced, and the water and electricity consumption is also greatly reduced. Our company’s water jet and air jet looms are constantly improving, constantly reducing the water and gas consumption, and actively responding to the national call for intelligence and energy conservation.

Xia Nong, a first-level inspector of the Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, reviewed the remarkable achievements of the chemical fiber industry since the reform and opening up and the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. At present, the overall technical level of the chemical fiber industry has entered the international advanced ranks, and the international competitiveness has been further enhanced. The output of chemical fiber accounts for more than 70% of the world. It has also made great progress in scientific and technological innovation, green development, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. In particular, continuous breakthroughs in new fiber materials have greatly led the technological progress and value improvement of the textile industry from the raw material side. It has not only met people’s new needs for a better life, It also provides strong support for the high-quality development of aerospace, wind and photovoltaic power generation, ocean engineering, environmental protection, safety protection, transportation and other fields.

Based on the fact that China is speeding up the construction of a new development pattern with domestic major cycles as the main body and domestic and international double cycles promoting each other and the better implementation of the Guidance, Xia Nong puts forward three suggestions for the high-quality development of the industry:

First, unswervingly promoting scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the key equipment of conventional products to “strengthen the weak links”; Around advanced fiber material “strong and weak”; “Forged long board” around functional differentiated fiber.

Second, focus on green, low-carbon and brand building, and continuously improve the level of green production; Accelerate the construction of circular development economic system; We will make solid progress in brand building and foster more branded products and enterprises with international influence.

Third, the ASSOCIATION should further play its role as a bridge. Industry association is an important force to promote China’s economic development and a bridge and link between government and enterprises. China Chemical Fiber Association should continuously improve the development ability of service industry; Continue to deepen the industry development research, implement the “Guidance”; We will be more proactive in making suggestions and suggestions, putting forward targeted and operable policy suggestions, effectively maintaining the smooth operation of the industry, and doing a solid job in the “six stable” and “six guaranteed” work. Xia nong said the NDRC’s industrial development department will continue to actively support the work of industry associations.

Duan Xiaoping, vice President of CNTAC, pointed out in his speech that throughout the 70-year history of China’s chemical fiber industry, every stage of development is inseparable from scientific and technological progress. Especially in recent years, with the joint efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes, the technological progress of the chemical fiber industry is in full bloom. First, the functional fiber material technology continues to upgrade and ranks at the leading level in the world. Second, bio-based fiber material technology has improved significantly and is in the stage of accelerated development. Third, the technology of high-performance fiber materials has been steadily improved and China has become an important producer. Fourth, recycling fiber technology innovation, in the international leading position. The overall technological level of the chemical fiber industry has stepped into a new stage from keeping pace to keeping pace with the world’s leading level, providing a strong support for China’s economic development, improvement of people’s livelihood, ecological optimization and national security.

Chemical fiber industry in the “difference” and a longer period to accelerate the development of science and technology innovation put forward more urgent request, the client xiaoping stressed that the original innovation ability to promote the more prominent position, and strive to achieve more from “1 to N” and “from 0 to 1″ breakthrough, consolidate the expansion of China’s chemical fiber industry in the global dominance.

As for the guidance issued by the two ministries and commissions, Duan Xiaoping said that this is the fourth time since the 11th Five-Year Plan in 2006 that the ministries and commissions have issued plans or guidance to promote the development of the chemical fiber industry in the form of national industrial policies, which shows the high importance of the chemical fiber industry. The introduction of the Guidance is the most powerful mobilization of the state ministries and commissions based on a new starting point to the whole industry, fully embodies the determination and confidence of the state to vigorously promote the high-quality development of chemical fiber industry, and will certainly have a far-reaching impact on the development of China’s chemical fiber industry.

In view of the difficulties encountered in the current operation of the industry, Duan Xiaoping put forward three suggestions: first, to carry out industry self-discipline, prevent and resolve operational risks. Second, we should pay close attention to environmental changes and policy trends and formulate coping strategies and effective competitive strategies. The third is to face uncertainty, do certain things, do the best “self”. For example, focus on energy saving and consumption reduction, national “double carbon” strategy, reduce cost and increase efficiency; Take advantage of the downtime maintenance period to upgrade equipment, especially to accelerate the informatization and intelligent construction; Actively seek breakthrough and adjustment in product innovation, improve the added value of products; Comprehensively improve the level of production management, build efficient and agile operation capacity, help reduce costs and increase efficiency; Think about the future, formulate medium – and long-term development strategy. The association will invite experts to share knowledge on hot topics such as the “14th Five-year plan” industry development, double carbon strategy and digital transformation by using platforms such as “Fiber Lecture in the air” and online and offline conferences.

At the meeting, Cao Xuejun, first-level inspector of consumer Goods Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, made a detailed interpretation of the Guidance from five aspects: laying the foundation of chemical fiber industry as a strong country during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, prominent constraints on high-quality development of chemical fiber industry, overall requirements, main tasks and guarantee measures of the Guidance.

China’s chemical fiber output has continued to grow since the 13th Five-Year Plan period, cao said. In 2021, China’s chemical fiber output reached 65.24 million tons, accounting for more than 70 percent of the world’s total. Remarkable achievements have been made in scientific and technological innovation. Four key and core technological achievements in the industry have won national Science and Technology Awards. The industrial structure continues to optimize, and the industry concentration is further improved. The total capacity of the top 10 enterprises in the industry accounts for more than 60% of the total scale. Green and low-carbon has been actively promoted. 31 enterprises have been awarded green Factories by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 52 products have been awarded green design products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and 39 enterprises have passed green fiber and product certification.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the industry has made great breakthroughs in technology, production capacity and products. How to make continuous efforts during the 14th Five-year Plan period? The guideline sets out a series of goals for high-quality development: By 2025, the chemical fiber enterprises above designated size industrial production grew by an average of 5% a year, industry research and development funds investment intensity reached 2%, the enterprise operation and management of digital penetration rate was 80%, and the numerical control rate was 80%, and the key process of green fiber proportion increased to 25% above, biological chemical fiber and biodegradable fiber material production grew by an average of more than 20%, To form a group of leading enterprises with strong competitiveness, build a high-end, intelligent and green modern industrial system, and build a comprehensive chemical fiber country.

Around the development goals, the Guiding Opinions also put forward five key tasks of upgrading the innovation and development level of the industrial chain, promoting the high-end development of new fiber materials, accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation, promoting the green and low-carbon transformation, and implementing the “three products” strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands.

Cao stressed that the guidelines highlighted several features: first, upholding the core role of scientific and technological innovation in industrial development; Second, highlight industrial chain coordination and industrial chain safety and reliability; The third is to emphasize the deepening and popularization of digital and green technology; Fourth, enhance the ability of chemical fiber industry to serve downstream industries and enterprises.

“In order to promote the smooth implementation of various targets and key tasks, the guidelines also put forward five policies and measures, which provide an important guarantee for the high-quality development of the industry.” Cao xuejun introduced that the first is to strengthen policy support and guidance, the second is to increase financial support, the third is to improve the public service system, the fourth is to optimize the structure of the talent team, and the fifth is to give play to the role of industry associations.

“The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to the development of the chemical fiber industry, and hopes to work with relevant departments, industry associations, enterprises and local governments to form a more innovative, value-added and sustainable industrial chain and supply chain for the industry, so as to build a chemical fiber country in an all-round way.” Cao xuejun said.

Post time: Jul-25-2022