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Air jet loom

Along with the development of the information society, weaving requirement of clients is more inclined to diversification and deepening, in vievy of the customer requirement of the high speed, high convenience and high quality, to meet new narket requirement, our company has developed "WA9200" high speed heavy air jet loom, which crystallizes Japanese air jet loom, mechatronic and industrial design concepts,combing and perfecting all details including appearance,frame structure, shedding, beating, filling insertion,let off and take up, to further satisfy customers on the synthetic fiber,cotton,and wool etc.

Description :

Adopting by beating-up device, new-type wallboard structure, high speed with CPU processing, the running speed can reach 1250RPM.Electronic take up and electronic let off.Using four rod or six rod beating-up mechanisms to ensure enough beating time for weaving ,so as to give excellent weaving performance for WA820 air jet loom
The main nozzle, nozzle combined with high performance solenoid valves ensure excellent weft insertion performance.

Warp stop device can quickly find out the broken warp position, thereby improving the weaving efficiency.

Optional parts:Computerized control refueling device;Tuck in Device;Weft sensor; Middle cutter .

Our jet loom is very popular in India because of its high speed and low energy performance. We have received orders for 300 machines in 2022, and new machines are arriving in the Indian factory all the time .

Air jet loom (1)
Air jet loom (2)

Post time: Nov-21-2022